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Khushamdeed : خوش آمدید

10 Things you need to know about Cushion Covers, before starting your – PMT (Print Make Trim)
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Elevate Your Lifestyle with PMT: Luxe Tote Bags & Vanity Pouches


In the ethereal realm where creativity dances and innovation takes shape, PMT emerges as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path from imagination to reality. We are not merely creators; we are dream weavers, and our canvas extends beyond our own vision. In a harmonious partnership with the esteemed brand Sana Safinaz, we embarked on an enchanting journey of collaboration, where artistry met utility, and the ordinary transcended into the extraordinary. Today, we invite brands to step into this world of boundless possibilities as we unveil the captivating tale of Lifestyle Products - Luxe Tote Bags, Vanity Pouches, and Makeup Pouches. These pieces are not just products; they are stories, waiting to be written by brands seeking to infuse their elegance and style into tangible luxuries. With PMT, your vision becomes a symphony, every thread woven with care and artistry. Join us on this poetic voyage, where your brand's essence becomes a masterpiece, and the mundane is transformed into an ode to beauty and utility. Welcome to a realm where your products become timeless treasures, waiting to enchant the world.

Artistry behind the

Luxe Totes

In the realm of inspiration and creation, our Luxe Tote Bags emerge as poetic vessels, each thread woven with dreams. At PMT, we embark on a journey that commences with heartfelt collaboration, crafting a design that echoes the very soul of our clients. This design, once brought to life, finds its home on carefully chosen fabric, becoming a canvas for our skilled artisans

With every stitch, they thread stories, transforming mere fabric into a tapestry of artistry. Vigilant quality control ensures that each bag, a carrier of dreams, attains the pinnacle of excellence. Wrapped with gentle care, they stand ready to venture into your world. These Luxe Tote Bags are not just accessories; they are a fusion of art and practicality, an invitation to carry aspirations wherever you roam. Join us on this enchanting voyage, where each bag holds a fragment of your heart, and every step becomes a poetic expression of your unique style.

Heartfelt journey of

Vanity Pouches

In the world where dreams take shape and craftsmanship weaves its tales, our Vanity & Mockup Pouches emerge as poetic canvases, each thread bearing aspirations. At PMT, our odyssey begins in the realm of heartfelt collaboration, where dreams and designs intertwine, creating a visual symphony reflecting our clients' essence. As the design finds its breath, it alights upon chosen fabric, the canvas for our skilled artisans.

With each precise stitch, they weave stories, transforming fabric into a tapestry of artistry. A vigilant eye for quality ensures that each pouch, a vessel of dreams, attains the pinnacle of excellence. Carefully wrapped, they stand poised to grace your world. These Vanity & Mockup Pouches transcend utility; they are a harmonious blend of art and purpose, an invitation to carry aspirations wherever your journey leads. Join us on this enchanting voyage, where each pouch cradles a piece of your heart, and every use becomes a poetic dance with elegance.

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