Farhan Shaikh


Mr. Farhan Shaikh is a veteran in the field of Digital Printers. Introducing Korean printers to Pakistani market in late 90s was a mammoth achievement which changed the outlook of the Pakistani advertising industry forever.

Further the same technology got applied to creating industrial digital printers for Textile purpose which led to more penetration in the market.

Saadan Shaikh

Co-Founder + Creative Lead

After studying Textiles with surface design from England UK & working for the infamous London Fashion Week I decided to return to Pakistan & give back to our nation.

The inception of PMT came when I was able to sort of see both sides of the coin; The Pakistani market & UK that is when I immediately decided that there was more work to be done in the service industry back home!

Dream Big, Take the Leap

Create with PMT!

Hassaan Shaikh


An Entrepreneur by education and a Chef by qualification, I aim to combine the best of theory & practical to provide a qualitative service to our clientele.

We aim to offer the newest trends, up-to-date fabric developments and the latest technologies at no MOQs!

Bringing revolutions, one step at a time