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Khushamdeed : خوش آمدید

10 Things you need to know about Cushion Covers, before starting your – PMT (Print Make Trim)
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The Process behind the Masterpiece

Embark on a journey where imagination meets reality. Discover the artistry, dedication, and emotion that go into creating cushions exclusively for your business. From design selection to the final stitch, this is where your vision comes to life, and your brand finds its voice through the elegance of handmade comfort.


1. Designing Your Dream

At the core of our process is your vision. This is where ideas take flight, colors come to life, and patterns emerge. It's the birthplace of the cushion that will carry your brand's story.


2. Bringing Art to Life with Fabric Printing

With designs in hand, we move to the printing stage. Here, technology merges with artistry as your chosen patterns grace high-quality fabric. Imagination transforms into vibrant reality.


3. Precision in Every Cut:

Pattern cutting demands precision. Every piece of fabric is shaped meticulously, laying the foundation for your unique cushions, ready to embrace comfort and style.


4. Stitching Stories of Craftsmanship

As we shift to the stitching phase, skilled artisans weave your cushions with care. Every stitch is a testament to our dedication, ensuring your cushions offer not just exquisite looks but also enduring comfort.


5. Ensuring Excellence with Quality Checks

Before your cushions reach your shelves, they undergo a rigorous quality check. No detail is spared, and every piece meets our standards of excellence.


6. Delivery, Your Dream in Your Hands

Finally, the moment arrives when we deliver your custom-made cushions to your doorstep. It's the culmination of creativity, craftsmanship, and emotion. Your brand's story takes center stage, one cushion at a time.

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