Weaving brings great versatility and reliability to the operations of Print Make Trim (PMT).
We have a multi-family base of Looms from energy-efficient, high-speed air-jet looms that include dobbies, rapier and top-notch jacquard looms.
The Waterjets are responsible for most of the synthetic fabrics bases.
Hand Looms cater to most of the Indian "Banarsi" fabric base collection
With the help of our strong mix of Loom vendors PMT is creating a magic of textures and weaves, thus staying ahead of its competitors. 


Print Make Trim (PMT) has a fabric processing capacity of 1 million+ metres per month which includes white, printed & dyed fabrics which are finished through multiple processing mills. All mills are partners in progress & are working with global certifications.


Print Make Trim (PMT) has a stitching capacity of 100,000 pcs/month & expanding. The stitching capabilities includes various possibilities for Home accessories & Fashion. Products like; Cushions, table mats, table runners, Kimonos, Skirts, Tops, Scarves, Shawls, Dresses, Bags.


Print Make Trim (PMT) is always looking to expand it's creativity.

We have a full range of modern hard home products that are value added using our state of the art Digital UV Printer + Sublimation Printing

Our UV Printer can print on almost ANY flat surface. We have an industrial 8'x4' printer with Ricoh Gen 5 industrial heads that can print White + Varnish with the help of these we can create stunning products like; Printed Wooden Trays, Coasters, Marble Tables, Printed Side Tables, Ottomans.. the possibilities are endless!